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Lean Inc.

Online & Off - On Time & On Budget

We are Lean Inc. We help you build winning strategies. We help start-ups rev up faster and create more immediate success.

As experienced Consultants, we help our Marketing Partners tune up their current campaigns or find new concepts to support their present client needs. Either way, Lean Inc. eliminates the fat and produces lean, effective, top-notch, winning concepts for less.

Lean Inc. helps you lean forward, powerfully and effectively engaging your consumers. We insure your customers lean into a single minded and clear, strategy driven message underscoring your unique selling proposition.

We lean in putting our minds and shoulders into it, first. Then, we make sure your brand communicates clearly and is as strong as it can be - securing the winning part of the marketplace.

After Lean Inc., helps you lean back and reflect, again, on your strategy. We re-examine it, consider other possibilities and make sure your product or service is clearly stated.

Lean is thick with experience both global & local. Global - We've work for Coca Cola, IBM, Ford, Liberty Mutual, Molson Beer, Ford, International Paper, Nabisco, McDonald's, MCI, Pepsi Cola, G.M. and many more. Local - We've work Paul Thomas Chocolates, SouthWind Plantation & Hunting Lodge, The Trunk Show, SDK Insurance, Blue Magnet Partners, ORTEC and more.

And when it comes to Lean talent, you'll only find different, never better. Lean has won the ANDY, One Show, Cannes Lion, Art Direction Magazine's Creativity Award, The International Advertising Award, WordMedal, Clio and more. We've even been on Saturday Night Live in a commercial beer spoof.

You can really lean on us. Lean is thick with production and unique idea development. Our mission is to be lean, smart and efficient for you for less. We excel in saving you development and production dollars. We excel, too, in the discovery of great economical campaign ideas, too. Savings you can reinvest in your business, ensuring your greater growth.

So, if you need Advanced Web Site Design & Development, Site Responsiveness, Content, Content Videos, Media Application Strategies, Campaign Strategy, Brilliant Concept Ideas, Branding, Infomercials, Broadcast, Precise Digital Marketing, Unique Cloud Based Software... whatever your marketing needs, Lean Inc. will make sure you get more than you bargained for every time.

Yes, Lean Inc. is a skilled network of proven, award winning marketing experts... the best in the business. Just look at what we've done and those we've worked for. You'll only find different, never better, that's for sure.

Please give us a call for a Free Consultation @ 404.822.7808 or just contact Dan O'Neill -

And please tour our site and have a look at what we've achieved. Just look at the various Blue Chip brands and major corporations, products and services we've helped create powerful profit for across all business sectors. We'd love to have a meeting with you and turn any problems into profit. Please lean on us.

Lean Inc. No Fat All Muscle... Online & Off.

Lean Inc. & Ringer Consultants.
Expert Partners
That Increase Your Profit Online And Off.

Lean Inc. & Ringer Consultants collectively have over 25 years of award winning digital experience. Together, we assist our clients with their most challenging online strategies and turn them into profitable solutions.

With exact precision, we install the most cutting edge, up-to-date, innovations. No off-the-shelf, cookie cutter solutions for you or us. No, our partnership gives you pure design customized to fit your specific needs. Innovating your site by implementing, but not limited to, the following:

Network Integration & Fluid Site Navigation

We make sure your site's navigation strategy easily captures a client's eye and quickly explains your Brand's value proposition, your Unique Selling Proposition that improves sales.

Client Catching Content Strategies

Our Content Analysis develops Crisp, cogent Content Copy & Captivating Content Videos. And always employs our sharp, strategy driven experience.

Advance Custom Website Design

Our unique experience will point out any short comings while improving your site's function, flow & flare.

Market Sales Strategy

Exact media client messaging and implementation through organic channels like Facebook & Linkedin.

Precise Digital Marketing Campaigns

Lean & Ringer. combine their award winning strategies insuring accuracy and efficacy with each marketing campaign we recommend.

Improving Site Responsiveness

Ensuring that your site image and information always displays accurately on Monitors, Cell Phones, Tablets or wherever your site will be viewed.

Unique Cloud Based Software

We even have the most advanced, proven Software at the ready for you to employ, that assures even greater sales success for your product, service and brand.

Whatever your digital needs, we assure you that we'll, easily and quickly, give you exactly what your business needs. Then, we'll fit your budget, more cost effectively than most, we assure you.

You'll find different, but never better than Lean & Ringer. We turn your digital strategy into online and offline profit. Be assured, when we lean into your digital world, you can lean back and relax.

Please give us a call for a Free Consultation @ 404.822.7808 or just contact Dan O'Neill -

Lean Inc. No Fat All Digital Muscle... Online & Off